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Delivery services, courier pick up, shipping parcels, warehousing


AOT Express Delivery Service
Delivery services, courier pick up, shipping parcels, warehousing
Delivery services, courier pick up, shipping parcels, warehousing
AOT Express Delivery Services

Prohibited & Restricted Items:

Some items cannot be sent through our services. Some of these are obvious, but others you may not know about.

The following items are strictly prohibited from shipment, and must not be sent through our services under any circumstance.

 Prohibited Items

 These items are strictly forbidden to send and should NEVER be sent through our service. If any of these items being sent may result in prosecution, heavy fines and imprisonment.  The shipper is solely responsible for the sent items

It is forbidden to send:


  •         Aerosol cans , sprays
  •         Airbag Modules
  •         Alcohol 
  •         Animal skins , Furs , Any Animal Parts including meat , Ivory and ivory products
  •         Any item that is not boxed
  •         Bicycles , Bicycle frame Prohibited with Interparcel services, Restricted with all others
  •         Box with Hazardous label – Items sent with a Hazardous label attached will be classed as such. DO NOT RE USE OLD HAZARDOUS BOXES
  •         Car Bumpers and another car parts,wich are not boxed
  •         Cheques or Tickets that are not named
  •         Dangerous goods – eg Explosives , Fireworks , Christmas Crackers , Radioactive Materials , Deactivated or Replica Weapons and Munitions , Firearms , Swords , Knives , Axe , Chainsaw , Anything with a blade, Weapons
  •         Dry Ice
  •         Engines , Generators , Gearboxes or any part containing or having contained oil,petrol unless flushed through
  •         Fire Extinguishers , Life Jackets
  •         Food items (Perishable) Outside the country
  •         Hazardous materials eg Paint , Adhesives , Chemicals , Flammable resins, solvents, liquids , Compressed Air & Empty cylinders , Items containing any gases
  •         Household goods containing flammable or corrosive liquids, such as oven or drain cleaners , perfume, aftershave, hairspray, nail varnish and remover, antiseptic wipes …
  •         Human Remains , Body Fluid
  •         Live , Dead animals
  •         Magnets or items containing ferro-magnetic material
  •         Milk Powder to China
  •         Mobile Phone with Sim card , Mobile phone with or without Sim to any Residential address in Turkey
  •         Money, Keys, Negotiable items , Payment cards
  •         Paintings to the Ukraine
  •         Passports , Birth Certificates , Driving Licences
  •         Personal Effects – Prohibited to Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan Completely & to China
  •         Pornographic materials
  •         Soil , Clay to any destination outside of Baltic states
  •         Tobacco and tobacco products
  •         Toner , Ink Cartridges , Printers , Fax Machines or Photocopiers to any destination outside of Baltic states
  •         White Goods -fridges, ovens- (also known as range, stove, cooker, cooking plate, or cooktop), Cooker hood, Microwave Oven, dishwasher, Washing Machine etc.) to any destination outside Baltic states
  •         Written Prescriptions , Prescribed Drugs , Medication , Any Controlled,Illegal substance including Khat to all areas.



1.1. Unless the context of the Agreement requires otherwise, in this Agreement, including its Preamble, and its annexes, the capitalized terms shall have the following meaning:

General Data Protection Regulation:  Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council No. 2016/679 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC. 

Data controller: a party to this Agreement, a natural or legal person, public authority, agency or another body that jointly or separately determines the purposes and means of the data processing. 

Data processor: a party to this Agreement, a natural or legal person, public authority, agency or another body that processes the personal data on behalf of the Data controller. 

Data: any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person (data subject); an identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as a name, an identification number, location data, an online identifier or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person.

Data processing: any operation or set of operations which is performed on personal data or on sets of personal data, whether or not by automated means, such as collection, recording, organisation, structuring, storage, adaptation or alteration, retrieval, consultation, use, disclosure by transmission, dissemination or otherwise making available, alignment or combination, restriction, erasure or destruction.

Automated: any actions that are wholly or partly performed by automatic means.

Data subject: a natural person whose Data are processed in accordance with this Agreement.

Third party: a natural or legal person, public authority, agency or body other than the data subject, controller, processor and persons who, under the direct authority of the controller or processor, are authorized to process personal data

Technical and organizational measures: measures used to protect Data from accidental or unlawful destruction, alteration, disclosure or any other unauthorized processing. These measures must ensure the level of security that is appropriate for the type of Stored Data and the risks of their processing.

1.2. In this Agreement:

(a) words in plural shall have the same meaning as these words in singular and vice versa;(b) the use of a specific gender (male or female) in the text of the Agreement shall be interpreted as the use of any of these genders;(c) the word “including” shall mean “including but not limited to”;(d) the section titles in this Agreement shall be used for convenience only and shall not affect the interpretation of the Agreement;(e) references to paragraphs, annexes, and other provisions shall be references to paragraphs, annexes and other provisions of this Agreement.

1.3. The Agreement is the general result of the negotiations and agreements between the Parties; therefore, the Agreement may not be interpreted for the benefit or detriment to either Party because either of the Parties was or could have been responsible for preparing the Agreement draft or any part thereof.1.4.   The terms not defined in the Agreement shall be interpreted according to the framework of the regulatory enactments.

2. SUBJECT AND PURPOSE OF THE AGREEMENT2.1. This Agreement shall govern the personal data processing performed by the Data processor on behalf of the Data controller. This Agreement shall become binding to the Data processor and the Data controller pursuant to the General Data Protection Regulation.2.2. The type, subject, and purpose of the personal data processing – performed by the Data processor on behalf of the Data controller – as well as the information associated with the type of the processed personal data and data subject categories are laid down in the Annexe to this Agreement.

3. AGREEMENT PERIOD3.1. This Agreement shall be applicable as long as the Data processor processes personal data on behalf of the Data controller.3.2. At the request of the Data controller, after the termination or expiry of this Agreement, the Data processor shall terminate the data processing activity and – if so requested by the Data controller and the applicable data protection legal enactments do not provide otherwise – the Data processor shall delete or return all personal data to the Data controller and delete all existing copies of this data.

4. OBLIGATIONS OF THE DATA PROCESSOR4.1. The Data processor has implemented the appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure that the personal data processing under the provisions of this Agreement meets the applicable requirements of the data protection law, specifically – the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation, and guarantees the protection of the rights of the data subject.4.2. The Data processor undertakes to process the personal data only in accordance with the written, documented instructions provided by the Data controller, except in the case where the applicable law provides otherwise. In such a case, before the start of the personal data processing the Data processor shall notify the Data controller about such legal requirements to the extent permissible by the law. If the Data processor has no instructions on how to process personal data in a specific situation or any of the instructions violated the applicable data protection law, the Data processor shall notify the Data controller immediately.4.3. Taking into consideration the type of data processing and applying the appropriate Technical and organizational measures to the extent possible, the Data processor shall assist the Data controller in performing the Data controller’s obligation to respond to the requests regarding the use of the Data subject rights. Under this Agreement, the Data subject rights shall include the right to request information and – at the data subject’s discretion – to correct, destroy personal data or stop the data processing activity.4.4. Taking into consideration the type of data processing and the current information, the Data processor shall assist the Data controller in performing specific obligations under the applicable data protection law. The specific obligations shall include data processing security (Article 32 of the General Data Protection Regulation), communication of personal data breach (Article 33-34 of the General Data Protection Regulation) and data protection impact assessment, as well as prior consultation (Article 35-36 of the General Data Protection Regulation).4.5. The Data processor undertakes to provide the Data controller with all information and provide all necessary assistance to demonstrate the performance of the obligations under this Agreement, as well as to create conditions that allow the Data controller or another authorized auditor to perform an audit, including on-site inspections.

5. OTHER DATA PROCESSORS5.1. The Data controller declares that the Data processor may recruit other companies indicated in the Annexe to the Agreement as other data processors. The Data processor shall inform the Data controller about all planned changes related to recruiting or changing other data processors, but the Data controller is entitled to reject such changes.5.2. The Data processor guarantees and at the request of the Data controller declares that other data processors have undertaken obligations under written contracts pursuant to which – in addition to the obligations laid down in this Agreement – they must perform the relevant data processing obligations. The Data processor is fully liable to the Data controller regarding the obligations performed by other data processors.5.3. The Data controller may request the Data processor to check another data processor or submit a certification of such check or, if possible, obtains or helps the Data controller to obtain a conclusion from an external auditor regarding the activity of Other data processors to ensure compliance with the requirements of the applicable data protection laws.

6. TRANSFER OF DATA TO THIRD PARTIES6.1. The obligation to process personal data under the Agreement may be performed only in the European Union (EU) member state or the European Economic Area (EEA) member state.  Any transfer of personal data to a country that is not an EU or EEA member state shall take place only with a prior written agreement of the Data controller and only if the special conditions are complied with as laid down in the applicable data protection laws, Chapter V of the General Data Protection Regulation.6.2. The Data controller may revoke its agreement to data transfer to third parties pursuant to Paragraph 6.1 of this Agreement at any time. In such a case, the Data processor shall discontinue the data transfer immediately and, upon Data controller’s request, provide written proof of such discontinuation.

7. INFORMATION SECURITY AND CONFIDENTIALITY7.1. The Data processor guarantees adequate personal data protection in accordance with this Agreement with the purpose to protect the personal data from destruction, alteration, unauthorized disclosure of or access to personal data. The personal data shall also be protected from other types of unauthorized processing.7.2. The Data processor shall prepare and continuously update the description of its technical, organizational and physical measures to meet the requirements of the applicable data protection laws.7.3. The Data processor undertakes not do disclose without a prior written agreement of the Data controller the personal data processed under this Agreement and otherwise prevent their disclosure to any Third party, except other data processors recruited under this Agreement.7.4. The Data processor guarantees that all persons involved in the data processing have undertaken confidentiality obligation or are subject to the relevant confidentiality requirements laid down in the applicable law.

8. APPLICABLE LAW AND DISPUTE RESOLUTION8.1. This Agreement is drawn and shall be interpreted according to the laws and regulations of the Republic of Estonia, excluding conflict-of-law principles, when other provisions of law may be applicable.8.2. The Parties agree that the courts of the Republic of Latvia have the sole and exclusive jurisdiction over the settlement of all disputes arising in connection with this Agreement.

9. LIMITATION OF LIABILITY AND INDEMNITY9.1. Unless otherwise agreed, the Parties are liable under the generally applicable law set out in Section 8 of the Agreement. Regardless of the above, the Parties shall not be liable for loss of operation, loss of revenue, loss of goodwill, any indirect damages and their consequences. Data loss shall be deemed indirect damages.9.2. The general liability of the Data processor under this Agreement and all obligations provided therein, in any case, shall be limited to 3000 EUR. In any case, the Data processor shall not be liable for loss of operation, loss of revenue, loss of goodwill, any indirect damages and their consequences. The Parties agree that data loss shall be deemed indirect damages.

10. OTHER PROVISIONSSeverability clause10.1. If any provision of this Agreement is found by the court or the court of arbitration to be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable, other provisions of this Agreement shall remain valid and in full force. Any provision of this Agreement that is found unlawful, invalid or unenforceable only in part or to a certain extent, shall remain valid to the extent it is not found unlawful, invalid or unenforceable. The Parties shall replace such unlawful, invalid or unenforceable provisions of this Agreement with lawful, valid and enforceable provisions that in their essence are as close as possible to the intent of the Parties at the time of the drawing of this Agreement. The Parties shall make all reasonable efforts to ensure the implementation of all provisions of this Agreement.No contradictory agreements10.2. This Agreement is a document that has been discussed and prepared by the Parties. This Agreement shall replace all previous agreements of the Parties regarding the subject of the Agreement and shall be the full and only declaration of the provisions of the Agreement by the Parties. This Paragraph shall not restrict the right to hold the Party liable for defrauding the other Party.10.3. After the execution of the Agreement, each Party undertakes not to conclude any agreements that may be incompatible with the obligations of the Party under this Agreement.Amendments and supplements of the Agreement10.4. Any Annexes, amendments, and supplements to this Agreement (including the modifications and supplements to this Paragraph) shall be valid only if they are drawn as a written document signed by all Parties.Expenses10.5. Each Party shall cover its expenses associated with the negotiations of this Agreement, the preparation, signing, entry into force and implementation of this Agreement.

Annex 1 to the Data Processing Agreement

The subject and purpose of data processing The provision of Data processor’s services or tasks to the Data controller:

Service provision – processing, administration of the services purchased (ordered) by the Data subject; identification of the Data subject in the Data processor’s information systems;

Identification of the Data subject when logging in its account on the Data processor’s website (if the Data processor provides this feature); resolving of issues associated with the service implementation, provision, use; communication with the Data subject, when the provisions of the services purchased by the Data subject change; performance of other contractual obligations;

direct marketing purposes; business analysis and statistical analysis, general research that allows improving services and their quality; audit.

Types of processed personal data The processed personal data include:

Personal contact information, for example, name, surname, telephone number or mobile phone number, electronic mail address, residence address; place of work.

Categories of Data subjects Data controller’s representatives and end users such as employees, candidates, contractors, colleagues, partners, as well as the clients of the Data controller and other persons who must be entered in the Data processor’s central data controller system.

Data processing operations Entry, correction, and deletion of personal data, as well as the creation of backup copies and protection of servers that may contain personal data.



Express Parcel shipment carriage and service terms

Effective 01.09.2019.Recent changes 12.02.2020.

  The terms and their application

1.1. These terms determine the SKULTEK SIA(hereinafter – EXPRESS PARCEL or contractor) service procedures, requirements for shipment preparation and service ordering, and the service limitations for shipment carriage in Latvia, as well as international destinations.1.2. These terms serve as written agreement or contract between the client and EXPRESS PARCEL.1.3. The sender is responsible for being acquainted with these terms and fulfilling their requirements.  1.4. The terms apply to every shipment using EXPRESS PARCEL services.1.5. These terms apply and do not change, except in the event that the client and an EXPRESS PARCEL representative with power of attorney for specified operations secure for this purpose a separate agreement or make changes to these terms.

    Listed terms

Explanations of vocabulary used in this document:•    web site/home page/page-•    package/shipment – individually packed shipment bearing EXPRESS PARCEL Partner markings•    delivery/cargo – one or more packages sent with EXPRESS PARCEL involvement•    client/sender – party using EXPRESS PARCEL services for the purpose of sending/receiving shipments/delivery, who is responsible for all costs related to delivery.•    recipient/addressee – person receiving a shipment/delivery sent using EXPRESS PARCEL services•    carrier/third party/partner – partners in cooperation with EPSSLV: UPS, FEDEX, Schenker, DHL, EMS,and others•    parties – EXPRESS PARCEL, client and carrier.•    collection address/loading address – the address at which the partner must collect the shipment/delivery•    delivery address/unloading address – the address to which the partner must deliver the shipment/delivery•    place of transfer – a safe place, specified by the courier, where the shipment/delivery may be left without the recipient’s signature – this point applies only to certain services•    shipment manifest/sticker/marking/invoice/air freight docket – documents attached to the shipment or given with the shipment•    business day – Monday to Friday 9:00-17:00, with the exception of state holidays•    compensation – transit compensation paid in the event of lost or damaged shipment; compensation does not apply for shipments considered to be prohibited/illicit (see section 12 for explanation of prohibited/illicit shipments)•    costs – all expenses to be paid by the client, including delivery and additional expenses, such as storage costs, VAT, other taxes, interest, fines, administrative costs, customs costs, duties, insurance fees, and all other payments chargeable to EXPRESS PARCEL users regarding delivery(ies) and other delivery-related activities•    contract – service agreement between the client and EXPRESS PARCEL•    user – any person (private or legal entity) using the web site according to these terms•    user account/ EXPRESS PARCEL – interface used for orders and order management that contains the user’s identification and personal information for working with the web site; the information, once authenticated can be accessed only by the users themselves

 General information

3.1.    The website is owned and operated by SKULTEK SIA.3.2.    The purpose of the website is to provide Latvian and foreign residents and businesses with the opportunity to submit delivery orders remotely and easily.3.3.    These terms specify the conditions and limitations of use of the website and information therein, and apply to all users. EXPRESS PARCEL reserves the right to modify the terms of use, and any changes are effective upon their being published on the website.3.4.    Any personal information given willingly by the user is processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection laws3.5.    No personal information is used on the website other than that which is given by the user when registering as a user or using any of the web site’s available services. Any information given to or received by the user through the website is not accessible to third parties

 Accessing the web site

4.1. The website is accessible to all internet users.4.2. EXPRESS PARCEL ensures 24/7 accessibility of the website.4.3. EXPRESS PARCEL is not responsible in the event that the website is inaccessible as a result of forces majeures.4.4. The website may be unexpectedly down as a result of damage or upgrade to the system, as well as any other unpredictable circumstances.

  EXPRESS PARCEL rights and obligations

5.1.   EXPRESS PARCEL ensures package/shipment delivery according to user specifications, utilizing partner services.5.2.   EXPRESS PARCEL itself does not execute delivery to the recipient. Delivery is executed, utilizing partner services.5.3.   EXPRESS PARCEL reserves the right to change and add to the fees, discounts, and/or services defined and published on the website.5.4.    Each delivery, depending on the chosen carrier, is given 1-3 delivery attempts. If delivery to the specified delivery address fails and the delivery is returned to sender, the sender is responsible for all return costs. EXPRESS PARCEL provides the sender with a bill for the return costs and has the right to withhold the delivery until all obligations are fulfilled.5.5.   EXPRESS PARCEL does not accept responsibility if the sender has: handed over an incorrect package to the carrier, indicated an incorrect delivery address, or market the shipment incorrectly. All expenses incurred as a result are covered and paid by the sender. The sender cannot claim compensation if the shipment is drawn up incorrectly or handed over to another courier.5.6.    Delivery is carried out if correct collection and delivery addresses are specified with correct postal codes. If delivery fails or must be returned as a result of incorrect address specified by the sender, the sender cannot claim compensation for any expenses incurred.5.7.     EXPRESS PARCEL and its partners reserve the right to refuse to accept a shipment if a package or the shipment is not packed, not packed correctly, not marked, exceeds any of the specified dimensions, or exceeds the delivery’s specified weight or the maximum weight.5.8.    Clients must forward all questions, recommendations, and complaints to the EXPRESS PARCEL Client Service Centre. If the client has contacted the partner without the help of the EXPRESS PARCEL Client Service Centre, EXPRESS PARCEL is not responsible for the timely resolving of issues, nor any complaints in such an event.

5.9.    EPSSLV services include the shipment’s delivery from the shipment collection address to its delivery address, or “door-to-door”. Delivery of certain services may not be “door-to-door”, for which EPSSLV will publish information on the website, prior to taking a delivery order.5.10.   EXPRESS PARCEL does not provide all services with delivery report upon signing and shipment tracking options. The sender is responsible for checking the website for information regarding individual services and their delivery report and tracking options.5.11.    In some parts of American and Australia, carriers are permitted to leave deliveries in a safe place by the door without the recipient’s signature. Complaints in such events are not accepted.5.12.   EXPRESS PARCEL requires that the sender specifies a telephone number, to be used by the carrier to contact the recipient for the purpose of arranging a delivery time or location. When shipping outside Latvia, it is mandatory to specify the recipient’s country code telephone number correctly. Suti gudr does not take responsibility if failure to reach the recipient results in failure to deliver.5.13.    Payments for services are made through the web site’s automatic payment system after the service is selected and the order is formalized. All fees are listed in Euros (EUR). EXPRESS PARCEL reserves the right to refuse an order if it arouses suspicion of illegal activities.5.14.     Order confirmations and cancellations are sent to the indicated e-mail address. If an e-mail is not received, please contact our Client Service Centre; the contact information may be found on the “Contacts” page of the website.5.15.    The shipment progress can be tracked online at . It is the client’s responsibility to keep track of their order’s progress. The tracking number is active for 12 weeks, and afterwards may be re-allocated to another order.5.16.    A copy of the receipt can be obtained for a fee, ranging from EUR 2-15, depending on the chosen carrier.5.17.   EXPRESS PARCEL is not responsible for any loss incurred by the user if their authentication data is used by a third party to connect to and/or use the website.

 User rights and obligations

The user must guarantee that:6.1.    All items must be packed safely, and any moveable parts must be packaged for safe transport. The shipment must not cause damage to the environment or other shipments. Any item that is not properly packed may be refused carriage or returned to the sender. In special cases, a separate fee for proper packaging may be charged to the sender. EXPRESS PARCEL is not responsible for improperly packaged items, and claims in such cases are not considered.6.2.    If several shipments are sent to one address, the sender must indicate separately the weight and size of each shipment to receive the appropriate service and calculate the correct cost of delivery. It is forbidden to indicate the total weight to a single address when sending more than one package. The sender bears full responsibility and must cover all expenses incurred as a result of giving incorrect data.6.3.    All items must be appropriately marked. Each shipment must be marked with the recipient data, as well as all warning signs, if necessary. The label must be legible and attached where it is visible. If one or more items are inappropriately labeled Suti gudri and its partners have the right to refuse the order. EXPRESS PARCEL is not responsible if any of the items have not been appropriately marked, and disregards claims in such cases.6.4.    Services with a note that a printer is necessary must be marked with the label received by e-mail. Any item sent without a label may be subject to additional fees, may not be tracked, and may be delayed EXPRESS PARCEL is not responsible for shipments without appropriate markings, and claims in such cases are not considered.6.5.    International shipments (non-EU) may require additional documentation and information. EXPRESS PARCEL provides all the necessary documents and information, but the client must provide EXPRESS PARCEL with all the necessary information before and after finalizing the order. EXPRESS PARCEL assumes no responsibility and disregards all claims for shipments not delivered as a result of insufficient information or insufficient documentation. The user agrees to pay all additional costs that arise in such circumstances.6.6.      The sender, when making an order, must clearly specify all data, the exact weight and dimensions, the correct sender’s and recipient’s names, surnames, or company name, the address, postal code, e-mail address, phone number, and description of the package contents. In the case of incorrect data, the carrier has the right to refuse carriage. Accepting an incorrectly formalized shipment, EXPRESS PARCEL is entitled to request additional charges from the sender for data correction, and is not held responsible if delivery is delayed due to inaccurate data.6.7.    The recipient and the sender agree that items may be transported by land, sea or air, providing all necessary documentation for delivery.6.8.    The client is fully responsible for any and all costs that may arise through the sender’s or receiver’s fault.

    Carrier service terms

All deliveries are subject to the partner terms specified below:UPS, TNT, DPD, FEDEX, DHL, Schenker,Venipak, EMS, Itella Logistics

By choosing one of the listed carrier services the Sender agrees to fulfill the terms specified by that carrier.

  Delivery delays and other difficulties

8.1. Neither party will put forth any claims against each other for failure to comply if, and as long as, the fulfilling of the contract will be impossible because of public disturbances, natural disasters, civil wars, riots, strikes, acts of war or other uncontrollable events, or will be delayed or prohibited by any law, statutory rules, or regulations.


9.1. The client is aware that a claim of improper service quality is the carrier’s responsibility, and must be in strict compliance with the limits stipulated in these terms.9.2. EXPRESS PARCEL, its employees, partners and agents is not responsible for lost and/or damaged items, if a written claim is not received from the client within five (5) calendar days after delivery. The claim must be submitted with all necessary documents, and within the prescribed period. Documents that are submitted after the deadline are not accepted.9.3. Claim form is available at If the shipment is not delivered on time and is considered to be lost, the sender must submit a claim form within five (5) calendar days.9.5. The client understands that if a deadline is missed when submitting a claim, the right to compensation is lost.9.6. In all other cases, the partner is only liable if the client promptly, and no later than stipulated in the relevant transport laws, submits a claim to EXPRESS PARCEL.9.7. Documents required when submitting a claim:1) Claim formcompleted electronically.2) Any other documents related to shipment.3) The client has the right to submit an independent assessment of the damage.9.8. All documents defined in point 9.7 of this agreement must be submitted electronically.9.9. If the specified delivery period is exceeded, damages cannot exceed the carrier’s remuneration for the delivery.9.10. Delivery is considered past due if the package does not appear in the destination terminal within 72 hours for international shipments, and 24 hours for local deliveries, of the time of delivery scheduled in the order.9.11. The shipment is considered lost if not delivered within thirty (30) calendar days for international shipments, and 4 (four) business days for local shipments.9.12. Suti gudri’s and its partners’ responsibility for the loss of a shipment cannot exceed the actual value of the shipment. The carrier must prove the value of the shipment, which is expressed in the claim.9.13. EXPRESS PARCEL assumes responsibility for the loss of or damage to a package in accordance with LR Civil Law and the CMR convention in the amount of 8.33 SDR per kilogram for lost or damaged goods. SDR is the IMF’s Special Drawing Rights rate and thus the amount depends on the exchange rates published on the IMF’s website EXPRESS PARCEL  transport liability insurance (if applicable to the service) must cover the package damage or loss in light of the above limitations. Full compensation is possible, if additional insurance is selected.9.14. EXPRESS PARCEL must compensate for loss or damages, taking into account the provisions of point 9.13 of this agreement and the partner’s specified compensation, as well as taking into account the value of the package. Other losses are not compensated.9.15. EXPRESS PARCEL is not responsible for damage or loss in the event of: a lack of packaging; incomplete or defective packaging; shipment loading and unloading is done by the sender, recipient or person acting on behalf of the sender or recipient; missing label or its non-compliance; the physical characteristics of the package being such that it can be damaged by pressure, functional impairments, corrosion, internal deterioration, desiccation, leakage or natural loss.9.16. Any disputes relating to these terms arising between EXPRESS PARCEL and the client will be settled by mutual negotiations within thirty (30) calendar days. If the negotiations fail to resolve the dispute, it must be settled in accordance with Latvian law.

 Handing over the shipment

10.1. The sender hands goods over to the courier at the address and time specified in the delivery order.10.2. The courier loads items alone whose total weight does not exceed thirty (30) kg.10.3. The client must ensure that the sender will load packages whose weight is more than thirty (30) kg if necessary using loading machines.10.4. When accepting shipments, the courier provides the transfer document or, if specified in the order, the customer prints it out before the arrival of the courier.10.5. The client is responsible for all expenses incurred by EXPRESS PARCEL as a result of the sender’s mistakes, inaccurate data or instructions.10.6. If a shippable object is homogeneous, non-marking, rigid, and cannot be packed, but it is somewhat compatible with the shipment terms, in special cases, the carrier may accept the shipment, noting on the manifest the “unsafe packaging”. EXPRESS PARCEL is not liable for damages to such packages.10.7. The courier, accepting the shipment, has the right to check the shipment’s external status and make notes on the manifest about shipping markings and numbers, the cargo’s or package’s external condition, and other important facts. If the sender does not agree with the courier’s notes and refuses to sign them, the courier has the right to refuse the shipment.10.8. Notes can be made about any additional information of the shipment, damage, defects and any other information carrier need to know to safely transport the shipment.10.9. No more than one shipment can be transported under one manifest.10.10. The courier reserves the right to refuse unpacked, poorly packed, unmarked, or improperly marked shipments. The courier has the right to not wait if, upon his arrival, the shipment is not prepared for shipping.10.11. EXPRESS PARCEL and the courier cannot prevent authorized state institutions from opening and examine any package. The carrier’s representatives must immediately inform the client of such checks.10.12. The client (as well as the sender, handing over a shipment) accepts that authorized national authorities have the right to check shipment packages.

 Delivery to the recipient

11.1. Upon delivering the shipment to a destination, the carrier must produce the manifest for the recipient.11.2. Shipments are delivered to the delivery address.11.3. The client is responsible for ensuring that the recipient accepts the shipment according to the terms of this agreement.11.4. If the weight of the shipment does not exceed thirty (30) kg, the courier must unload the shipment from the vehicle.11.5. The unloading process is estimated to take up to 10 min. For each additional 10 minutes, the client can be charged additional fees according to the selected carrier’s pricing.11.6. If the shipment weight exceeds thirty (30) kilograms or unloading process requires additional equipment, the client is responsible for ensuring that the shipment is unloaded by the recipient.11.7. If the courier can unload a shipment weighing more than thirty (30) kg and/or transport it to the recipient’s designated warehouse space, the carrier may charge an additional fee which is presented on a separate bill.11.8. Receiving a shipment, the recipient must, with the courier, check the shipment (packaging) condition.11.9. When the recipient signs the invoice, the order is considered delivered. The client and recipient acknowledge that, as a result of regular operations, a number of invoices (shipment manifests) may be written during transport. When the recipient signs any of the invoices by which one may identify the shipment, the shipment is considered delivered even though other invoices of the same shipment would not yet be signed by the recipient.11.10. Upon noticing damage to the shipment or any packages, the recipient must note it on the invoice and write a free-form shipment damage report, and, if possible, photograph the damage. If the recipient signs the invoice without any notes, the shipment is considered delivered in good condition or without damage, and Suti gudri and the carrier do not take any responsibility for any damage or loss noticed by the recipient at a later time.11.11. In the case of circumstances that interfere with delivery of the shipment, it is not technically possible to unload the shipment, or if the recipient is not found or refuses to accept delivery (a refusal to make payment of sums due the carrier or the client is also considered refusal to accept delivery) the carrier must further inquire about the client’s written instructions.11.12. The client gives instructions in written form or by e-mail: Upon not receiving instructions in 12 (twelve) hours, the carrier is entitled to return the items to the sender, charging the client for return costs. If the sender refuses to accept the returned shipment, the carrier reserves the right to unload and store the shipment in the carrier’s storage until further written instructions are received from the Customer. In both cases, however, the shipment is considered delivered, and the service executed.11.14. The client will pay the carrier the cost of services according to point 11.13. of this agreement, the cost of shipment, the cost of return delivery, and the storage costs, according to the carrier’s fees.

    Prohibited/illicit shipments

12.1. Unpacked, poorly packed and non-standard items, if an agreement is not reached with EXPRESS PARCEL representatives beforehand.12.2. Items illegal to transport:12.2.1. particularly high value items (jewelry, artwork, antiques, precious metals, precious stones, cash (other than cash collection operations – COD – Operations), lottery tickets, checks, bonds, shares, promissory notes and other documents and objects that cannot be restored, reconstructed, and/or replaced if damaged12.2.2. weapons, ammunition, explosives, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, substances or products that may pose a threat to human health, safety, the environment or property with their chemical or physical properties12.2.3. live animals and plants, human remains or body parts, perishable foods and non-food items that require special transport equipment, safety precautions, permits or special temperatures, humidity, or other specific conditions12.2.4. Other articles whose carriage, importation or exportation is prohibited in other countries, where transport is controlled by law, or articles for which EXPRESS PARCEL and its partners need a special transport, import or export license or authorization12.3. EXPRESS PARCEL is not responsible for shipments defined by point 12.2 of this agreement.12.4. By ordering the transportation of prohibited or illicit goods, handing over or in any way facilitating the delivery of such goods, the client accepts full responsibility for all consequences and will cover all expenses, incurred by EXPRESS PARCEL as a result, if they arise and are based on documents with legal power.12.5. According to the commercial purposes of shipment transport and various regulatory formalities, certain products may have limits and longer transit imposed. Suti gudri and its partners reserve the right to reject shipments subject to such constraints.


13.1. The current shipping rates are published on The client may pay for services with a credit card or PayPal account, following order data validation. The order is considered confirmed when the money transaction has taken place.13.3. The client may pay for services received by paying the bill. Invoices must be paid without any deductions, no later than the handing over of goods for delivery. If payment is not received by the specified deadline, the order is canceled.13.4. The EXPRESS PARCEL specified fees and pricing are based on information provided by the clients on the web page, but the final rates and service fees may vary, as they are calculated based on the actual item size and weight. The actual item weight and dimensions are defined by entering data online and after the shipment is collected by the carrier handling the shipment – in the transit terminals. Any difference in weights and sizes is added by EXPRESS PARCEL to an additional bill to the client.13.5. The carrier checks each manifest for correct service and packaging/shipment weight information. If the wrong information is given, the carrier corrects the manifest. The client is responsible for all costs incurred due to any incorrect data given.13.6. The client assumes responsibility for all payment of expenses and taxes associated with the delivery.13.7. If certain expenses and other amounts are to be paid by the recipient, then it is the sender’s responsibility to indicate so in the appropriate section of the invoice.13.8. If the client fails to comply with the specified payment period, Suti gudri imposes penalty of 0.5% per day for each day that payment is delayed.13.9. If the client fails to make payment of the invoice, Suti gudri is entitled to forward information about the client’s debt to a debt collection company, who will then initiate debt collection.

    Privacy Policy

14.1. The client may not use the words “ EXPRESS PARCEL” or “” without the written consent of  EXPRESS PARCEL.14.2. For the duration of this agreement, the client is forbidden to offer jobs to or obtain confidential information about the company from EXPRESS PARCEL employees.

Cancelation and refund policy

15.1. Customer may cancel he’s order at any time and receive a full refund providing cancellation is made no later than 16:30 one working day prior to the scheduled collection date. Cancellations made after this time will be subject to a cancellation charge which is calculated on selected partner cancelation fees.15.2.Customer can cancel he’s order by sending an e-mail message to:  or filling a claim form.15.3. Refunds are operated in time of 5 working days and the payment is sent to payers account.


    Validity of the terms of this agreement

16.1 If any of the terms of this agreement are contrary to any existing international treaties, the Latvian law, government rulings or decrees, ministerial orders, or other applicable laws and regulations – the provision remains in force as part of the agreement between EXPRESS PARCEL and the client insofar as it is not in conflict with the law. Any invalid provision shall not affect any other part of this agreement’s validity.





Thus data processing agreement (hereinafter - the Agreement) governs the data processing performed by EXPRESS PARCEL acting as the "Data processor" on behalf of its customer who is acting as the "Data controller". This Agreement is binding to the Data processor and the Data controller under the General Data Protection Regulation.

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