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We are an urgent courier and transport service who adopt a greener approach to business, trading since 2020. Specialists in the delivery of time-sensitive, fragile, abnormal, heavy, high-value and difficult to handle loads, we are able to collect within the hour, 24 hours a day and 7 seven days a week. We genuinely care about the impact of our transport operation on the environment so please read the environmental section of our website to check out all the projects we are involved with to help reduce our carbon footprint.

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      Processing and return of leasing documents

      When drawing up a postal item, it is also possible to attach leasing documents. We will ensure the processing and delivery of these documents to you. We will deliver the leasing documents received from the client back at a time convenient for you - every day, once a week, twice a month or once a month. 0.71Euro + VAT

      Return of the shipment to the sender

      At the request of the sender or recipient, we return the shipment to the sender. 3.56Euro + VAT

      "Caution: fragile"

      We offer to mark shipments with the sign "Caution: fragile", indicating that shipments must be transported with special care. + 20% transfer fee

      Oversized cargo

      For postal items , we also offer large-sized items, pallets, the sum of the length, width and depth of the edges of which exceeds 2.1 m. + 25% transfer fee